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Then, following a sudden redundancy and with a baby on the way we had to make a decision… search the ever dwindling job market OR make Weirdoughs Pizza into a viable business. We took the gamble and grew our business. We’ve met some great people on the way and have had a lot of fun.


Over time the business has evolved and grown into Dough LoCo, our first restaurant! We still maintain our charity roots and give back to the local community whenever we can; free pizzas to those in need, donations to good causes and charity events, take a look at our charity page to see what we’re doing right now! We love our local comminuty, that what Dough LoCo is all about… you guys!


In fact, as well the LoCo in Dough LoCo being a nod towards the old Weirdoughs brand, it’s also short for Local Community. Without you guys we don’t exist, and we love existing

Dough LoCo began as Weirdoughs Pizza, a charity driven venture in our back garden to raise money for the NHS during the first lockdown.

Back then it was just me and my pregnant wife slinging pizza to the local community using a tired and old portable pizza oven. Things got busy very quickly and we managed to raise over £2000 for the NHS.